Brazen Dallas Burglars Strike With Property Owners At Home


Seemingly unending reports of burglaries at Dallas homes, including more than a dozen on the street where a local musician was fatally shot while trying to kick in a neighbor’s door, have some homeowners on the defensive, reports the Dallas Morning News. “I’m the third person on my block to be burglarized in the last two months,” said Nancy Whittier, 50. “It makes you feel sick to your stomach.” Home burglaries are up by 4.6 percent this year compared with this time last year. Although they’re not skyrocketing, the increase is a growing cause for concern. It comes after slow, steady declines since 2004.

Dallas Police Chief David Kunkle said the county jail’s release of hundreds of nonviolent, low-level inmates earlier this year to meet a required guard-to-inmate ratio may spell trouble. Home burglary causes and trends vary from area to area. Some burglars are getting more brazen. Deputy Chief David Elliston’s officers have been trying to stop a rash of as many as 70 related burglaries that have plagued one area. “They’re occurring when people are home, which always increases possibility of danger,” he said.


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