Some Tout ‘fMRI’ as the Next Generation of Lie Detectors


Steven Laken is marketing a product that he believes could change forever the nature of police investigations, airport security checks and U.S. court proceedings. Very simply, Laken wants to read your mind with a device some regard as the next generation of the lie-detector test, reports McClatchy Newspapers. The device is the fMRI, shorthand for functional magnetic resonance imaging, which measures neurological activity in your brain.

“This is cutting-edge science,” Laken said by telephone from Massachusetts, where he’s the founder and CEO of Cephos Corp. “There are unique and discrete parts of the brain that are activated when people are lying. We can see that activation. We can see if you’re lying.” Others agree that the fMRI can measure neurological activity and has potential for law enforcement. But they say practical application of the technology is years off.


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