Powerful FL Sheriff Jenne To Quit, Admit Corruption


Broward County, FL, Sheriff Ken Jenne, once the county’s most powerful politician, will resign and plead guilty to federal corruption charges involving tens of thousands of dollars he allegedly received from sheriff’s office contractors and employees, reports the Miami Herald. After months of personal anguish, Jenne decided to cut the plea deal on tax evasion and other charges to limit his prison time because he also was staring at an imminent grand jury indictment on more serious fraud and money-laundering offenses.

The plea agreement means Jenne, who earned $169,800 as sheriff, will surrender as early as tomorrow. He will likely serve prison time — possibly between one and two years — and have to pay back taxes and fines to the Internal Revenue Service. Jenne’s ambition bolstered his agency, which nearly doubled in size to a $696 million budget with 6,300 employees and 14 cities under its control. Until the end, Jenne continued to maintain a high profile, especially after the Aug. 10 fatal shooting of a sergeant. Jenne took to the airwaves, including an appearance on America’s Most Wanted, urging people to call in tips to help capture the killers. The seeds for the case were planted in 2005, when The Daily Business Review and The Miami Herald began to investigate Jenne’s security consulting and outside income.

Link: http://www.miamiherald.com/466/story/224985.html

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