Timoney Offers Miami “Deepest Apology;” Wants To Keep Job


Miami Police Chief John Timoney, who faces a no confidence vote from his force next week, has offered his “deepest apology” for an incident involving his free use of a vehicle. In a letter published in the Miami Herald, Timoney, who has been chief for four years, said that, “Having arrived in America in 1961, Miami has welcomed me as one more immigrant in search of the American Dream.”

Timoney expressed hope that his error over a Lexus provided him by a dealership has “in no way diminished your confidence in me. I respect this department too much, and I love this city too much, to allow my actions to bring shame upon any of you.” Timoney has now purchased the vehicle and is donating money to three local charities. “In so doing, it is my hope that I can begin to make amends for my mistake,” he said. Timoney, who could be disciplined or dismissed by the city manager, said, “I want very much to continue serving you.”

Link: http://www.miamiherald.com/456/story/219803.html

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