Craig Case “Pulls Back Curtain” On Men’s Room Sex


The case of Idaho Sen. Larry Craig has “pulled back the curtain on a sexual practice that takes place furtively, in the most public of places, and on the police stings designed to rout it,” says the Washington Post. Internet message boards on “cruising” are full of come-ons by those seeking partners for anonymous bathroom sex. They bristle with warnings about locations where law enforcement is cracking down. The men often are driven by a craving, much like that which drives a drug addict, said Fred Berlin of the National Institute for the Study, Prevention and Treatment of Sexual Trauma at Johns Hopkins University.

Describing actions attributed to Craig in a Minnesota airport men’s room, Shawn Henderson of a support group for HIV-positive men in Washington, D.C., said, “If you are in the stall, you tap your foot, and if the person next to you taps a foot, you keep going back and forth until one person makes a move. Someone will then stick their hand underneath. Or they will pass a note on paper [] when they think it’s safe,” they will move on to sexual contact in the space beneath the partition. Craig pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct but has denied wrongdoing. Several senators have called for his resignation.


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