More FL Officers Attacked, Including At Crime Conference


More police officers are being kicked, punched and beaten across Central Florida this year, and local and state law-enforcement officials expect the numbers to keep rising, the Orlando Sentinel reports. Opinions differ on the reasons — among them, an increasing crime rate, a focus on thwarting violent criminals, and even just having more law officers on the street. Officers and deputies are frustrated with the trend. “A lot of people think that in our line of work getting beat up or attacked is part of our job,” Leesburg police Lt. Rob Hicks said. “It is not. It should never be tolerated.”

About 400 deputies have been attacked in Orange County this year — up 8 percent from the same period last year. Osceola has had a 43 percent jump from last year, with 80 deputies being battered so far. “It feels like they [criminals] have a lack of respect for the criminal-justice system, as if it makes no difference if they batter a law-enforcement officer,” Lake County sheriff’s spokeswoman Sgt. Christie Mysinger said. ne of the most violent attacks happened in May. Two Orange County deputies were shot and wounded by suspected car burglars in the parking lot of a resort while educators, law-enforcement officials and social workers gathered at the hotel for a national conference on crime. “We get punched, kicked, spit on,” Leesburg’s Hicks said. “We get attacked with weapons. Anything violators can get their hands on. We’re getting run over. We’re getting shot.”


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