Cho Paper At Virginia Tech Mirrored Actual Shooting


Seung Hui Cho wrote a paper for a Virginia Tech class about a gunman planning a mass school shooting, one year before he killed 32 students and faculty members and himself in the deadliest shooting by an individual in U.S. history, reports the Washington Post. The paper, which was written for a class in fiction writing, reportedly has “eerie” parallels to Cho’s shooting inside Norris Hall on April 16. One source called it “kind of a blueprint” for the shootings.

Several of the agencies probing the shootings had not been made aware of the paper, and the investigative panel appointed by Gov. Timothy Kaine did not receive a copy until recently. Federal agencies assisting in the investigation –including those doing a criminal profile of Cho — did not know of it. Some parents are unhappy about the multiple investigations. “I think it’s kind of disjointed,” said Suzanne Grimes, whose son was shot twice and survived. “Everyone is entitled to investigate whatever. But I’m a parent. I just want the facts. How did this gunman fall through the cracks?”


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