Timoney Seeks State Review Of Miami Crime Statistics


Reacting to the city police union’s allegations that his department whitewashed crime statistics, Miami Police Chief John Timoney asked the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to review the city’s record-keeping, reports the Miami Herald. The police union accused Timoney’s administration of systematically downgrading the severity of crimes in its record-keeping, but offered little proof of a coordinated, departmentwide effort. Union president Armando Aguilar reported calls from more than 100 officers who are uncomfortable with how Miami is recording its crime stats.

Timoney, who insists Miami has been honest about its crime figures, wants the state to come in to prove the city has nothing to hide. Timoney also has found himself at the center of controversy after WFOR-CBS4 reported that the chief enjoyed free use of a hybrid Lexus SUV for more than a year. Timoney said he was not the only customer of a dealership granted complimentary use of a SUV — he was one of 15. Nevertheless, the chief called his decision to accept that offer ”boneheaded” and “stupid.” Aguilar said he performed a random sample of some of the city’s crime reports and concluded a sizable portion were suspect. Timoney dismissed the union’s accusation, saying he has made it clear to officers that “I don’t care about crime going up or down.”

Link: http://www.miamiherald.com/news/miami_dade/story/214712.html

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