Sex Offender’s “Thoughts” Are Enough to Imprison Him Again, Prosecutor Argues


A report in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says a prosecutor in a local criminal trial told a jury this week that a paroled sex offender’s thoughts and fantasies about children — coupled with his past history — are enough to have him committed for treatment under Wisconsin’s sexual predator law.

In his opening statement in the trial of Michael Monyelle, a convicted sex offender, Assistant Attorney General Jeffrey Gabrysiak told jurors that Monyelle had “deviant thoughts about 7-, 8- and 9-year-old girls” while on parole, and had also had an encounter with a girl in a library. Monyelle’s defense attorney said Monyelle had not acted on those thoughts and had not had any physical contact of any kind with children. “He may have thoughts,” Steven Prifogle told jurors in his opening remarks. “He may have fantasies . . . He may have urges. But he has never had actions.”


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