Conservative Backs Inmate Re-Entry As Substitute Dad


An unusual focus for urban anticrime work is offered by a writer from a conservative think tank. John McWhorter of the Manhattan Institute, writing in the New York Sun, urges an end to blaming mothers and “the black community.” Instead, he says, there should be a focus on a violent subculture that has taken root in inner cities.” One problem is that too many men do not seek available jobs, including those beyond “chump change,” McWhorter says.

The real problem in his view is a welfare system that did not encourage responsible fatherhood. “The first generation raised in the environment that resulted came of age in the early eighties, and big surprise, that's when this brand of violence begins,” he says. McWhorter’s remedies: more gun control, an end to the war on drugs (to eliminate the economic incentive not to seek legal work,” and effective prisoner re-entry programs. “Prisoners who land on their feet when they come home can be useful as something most of these misled hoodlums never had, Dads,” McWhorter writes.


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