Answering Critics, Cleveland Mayor To Beef Up Police Patrols


Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson wants to shift as many as 45 police officers from the airport to the streets this fall to beef up neighborhood patrols, says the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Jackson and Police Chief Michael McGrath also propose adding up to 24 police cars to the streets each day by assigning officers to drive alone rather than with partners. They discussed their plans yesterday after weeks of criticism from residents and the media for not doing enough about violent crime in the city.

The city has 1,596 officers, including the 45 at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. Jackson also expects to hire 30 police academy graduates next April. His goal is to have 1,645 officers. The criticism of the mayor came after several high-profile killings this summer. Homicides in Cleveland are up 14 percent from last year, although many other violent crimes are down.


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