CO Company Offers Services To Registered Sex Offenders


Gregory Carter, 46, finished his time in a Colorado prison for felony sex assault, weapons violations, and bribery. Then, says the Denver Post, he launched the Registered Citizens Network to provide services to other sex offenders, using public lists to find them. With a trademark name pending, the venture garnered interest in its first two weeks, logging nearly 2,000 hits on its website. RCN is an offshoot of the family’s Denver-based electronics business. State registries contain the names and home addresses of about 500,000 sex offenders – even juveniles. RCN mailed its first fliers last week soliciting business to offenders in a few states.

The company’s idea is for offenders to have tools they can use to stop the harassment and ridicule associated with registration. RCN offers products that, for now, include a small “covert digital video recorder” that can fit into a pocket, a “complete indoor wireless” camera system and a pair of telephone recording devices. The firm says it hopes to hook offenders up with other RCN members for living quarters, jobs, dates and, perhaps, vacation packages. Said Chris Lobonov-Rostovsky of the Colorado Sexual Offender Management Board: “I don’t know that the legislature would have envisioned the registry as a marketing tool.”


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