Many KS Law Enforcers Ignore Toothless Race Profiling Law


Two years ago, Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius signed a law intended to end police stops based solely on skin color. The law required, among other things, all law enforcement agencies in the state to make yearly reports to the attorney general's office listing complaints of racial profiling. Last year, however, only one in three law enforcement agencies–147 of 431–in Kansas filed the required reports of racial profiling, reports the Kansas City Star.

By comparison, 97 percent of law enforcement officials in Missouri filed such reports last year – 635 of 653 agencies. “We don't have any enforcement ability” over those agencies that don't report, said a spokeswoman for Kansas Attorney General Paul Morrison. “There's no penalty if they don't report.” That has been a problem from the beginning, said Sen. David Haley, a sponsor of the anti-profiling bill. “There's no hammer behind the law,” he said.


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