Registered Sex Offender in GA Faces Life for Homelessness


A sex offender who was unable to register his address with George officials because he was homeless is facing life in prison for violating a new registry law that state politicians have hailed as the nation's toughest, reports the New York Times. The offender, Larry W. Moore Jr. of Augusta, was convicted in North Carolina in 1994 of indecent liberty with a child, a felony. This week he was convicted for the second time of violating a requirement that he register. Under the new law, a second violation carries an automatic life sentence.

A public defender plans an appeal on Moore’s behalf. The law requires offenders to register their address and forbids them to live or work within 1,000 feet of not only schools and day care centers but also churches, swimming pools and school bus stops. It expanded the definition of a sex offender and raised penalties for violating registry requirements. Homelessness is not an acceptable excuse.


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