Were Officers Too Cautious In Connecticut Home Invasion?


After the Connecticut home invasion last month that left three members of a well-known family dead, new details are emerging about the police response and strategy, says the Hartford Courant. Between 9:20 a.m., when a bank manager called 911, to 10:01 a.m., when suspects were apprehended a block from the home, two men are accused of strangling a woman and setting fire to the home, killing two daughters.

The first responding officers did not immediately enter the house in Cheshire, ct., and could have been outside for at least 20 minutes before the suspects allegedly set the house on fire, raced out, and were caught. John Gnagey, a national expert on hostage situations and police tactics, said it appeared that the first responding police officers – unsure of what was going on – were attempting to establish a secure perimeter around the home, which would be a reasonable protocol. “You don’t just go barging in,” said Gnagey, a retired deputy police chief and executive director of the National Tactical Officers Association in Doylestown, Pa. “You don’t know if you have exigent circumstances. You get there and you try to corroborate any information you have.”

Link: http://www.courant.com/news/custom/topnews/hc-petitrescue0802.artaug02,0,5028212.story?page=1

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