Illegal Immigrant Deaths Increase On Arizona-Mexico Border


The number of illegal immigrants who have died trying to get into the U.S. is higher than ever this summer, calling into question the claim that tougher border enforcement has cut the flow of people, say immigration groups quoted by USA Today. Robin Hoover of Tucson-based Humane Borders says people are skirting crossings where the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency has increased enforcement for more remote, deadly spots.

Last weekend, five bodies were found in remote crossing areas near Tucson, bringing border deaths for the year to 155. That is a 22 percent increase over the 127 people found dead as of July 30 last year in that area. The biggest cause of death is heat exposure. The Border Patrol has sent more agents and improved technology to Arizona in an attempt to block the busiest corridor for illegal Mexican immigration. As of June 30, agents arrested 303,825 migrants in the Tucson area, down from 324,825 during the same period last year.


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