Crime-Ridden Boston Areas Show Big Shootings Decline


Some of Boston’s most crime-plagued neighborhoods have experienced double-digit percentage drops in shootings this year, the Boston Globe reports. It could take more than numbers to ease the fears of many residents in Dorchester, Mattapan, and Roxbury who have seen relatives, friends, and neighbors fall victim to the gun violence. In Dorchester, shootings through July 25 plunged 30 percent from the same period last year; in Roxbury, shootings dropped by 31 percent. Police Commissioner Edward Davis attributed the decline to an increased police presence in the neighborhoods, targeted investigations, and arrests of suspects police believed were responsible for shootings. He cited resources added to the city’s job, youth, and recreation programs.

Citywide, shootings are down nearly one-third compared with last year. Homicides are down 17 percent, and violent crime overall is down by about 10 percent. New statistics show that decreases are more pronounced in some neighborhoods that have been hit hardest by street violence since 2004, when shootings and homicides began surging in Boston.


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