White-Collar Crooks Get Few Privileges In U.S. Prisons


Minimum-security federal prisons, where the majority of non-violent felons in the U.S. serve out their terms, are no joke, says the Toronto Star. Even the lowest-security prisoners are confined for the length of their terms and must follow many of the same rules and restrictions that apply at high-security installations. “It’s not Yale, it’s jail,” Dennis Faulk, a former U.S. Bureau of Prisons employee. “We don’t separate a white-collar guy from an organized-crime guy from a bank robber.”

The “White Collar Crime Prof Blog,” run by U.S. law professors, posted on the Internet a list of the “nicest” prisons for white-collar criminals – most of them federal prison camps. They include a facility at Pensacola Naval Base in Florida where inmates can do landscaping for the admiral in command and are served lemonade by the admiral’s wife; and the federal camp in Texarkana TX where inmates can fish at a local pond. The worst thing, says an ex-corporate felon, is the powerlessness. “You’ve been giving orders your whole life, and now there’s this buffoon with an IQ of 20 telling you to clean the toilet,” he said.

Link: http://www.thestar.com/News/article/238739

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