TN Bars Prison Visitors From Wearing Arousing Underwear


Arousing undergarments such as thong underwear and bust-enhancing “water brassieres” won’t be allowed into Tennessee state prisons after Aug. 1, The Tennessean reports. Prisoners “don’t need any help getting turned on” or out of hand, said Correction Commissioner George Little. The dress code revisions, which also prohibit steel-toed boots and tattered clothing, are part of an effort to make sure visitor policies are consistent across the state. Aanyone caught wearing the banned lingerie during pat downs or other inspections won’t be allowed in.

A minimum four-year waiting period before ex-employees of the prisons can visit friends behind bars are meant to clamp down on inappropriate romantic liaisons between prisoners and staff. Alice Arceneaux of Reconciliation Ministries, which represents inmate families, says that some policies go too far, such as a six-month period that recently released felons must wait before visiting relatives still inside.


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