At MI Forum, Governors Hear About Online Predator Problem


Vigilant parents and well-educated children remain the first line of defense against online predators, even as social networking sites toughen standards and police crack down, experts told a panel of governors Sunday. Law enforcement agencies are becoming more technologically proficient in the fight against cyberspace child stalkers, New Hampshire Attorney General Kelly Ayotte said. But they can’t solve a problem so widespread that 1 in 5 kids who use the Internet are believed to have been approached by a predator, she said.

“This is an issue that we’re not going to arrest our way out of,” Ayotte said during the annual meeting of the National Governors Association in Traverse City, Mich. It’s a problem “far bigger than any of us realize,” said Gov. Brad Henry of Oklahoma. Speakers called for more programs to educate parents and children about how predators operate, reports the Associated Press.


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