TV Reporter Told Cops Of Talk With Missing Woman’s Husband


Without telling her bosses, a Chicago television reporter was briefing police on her interaction with a man whose wife had disappeared, reports the Chicago Tribune. The reporter, WMAQ-Channel 5’s Amy Jacobson, has since lost her job. Jacobson was taped last week in a swimsuit with her kids at the home of Craig Stebic, the man now classified by police as a person of interest in the disappearance of his wife. Sources say that breach of company standards, which made her a part of a story she was covering and had been warned she was getting too close to, was the latest incident to cause bosses to lose their confidence in Jacobson’s judgment and cost the star reporter her job.

Don Bennett, police chief in Plainfield, Il., where the missing-person case is being investigated, said that, “Jacobson has in the past informed the Plainfield Police Department of her prior conversations with Mr. Stebic.” The story has received attention worldwide. Stebic’s divorcing wife, Lisa, was moving to evict him on April 30, the day she vanished. Immediately after leaving Stebic’s home, Jacobson rushed to meet with station management.


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