GA U.S. Attorney: Prosecutor’s Giving Out Rape Video Illegal


The U.S. Attorney in Atlanta says Douglas County, Ga., District Attorney David McDade violated federal law when he distributed a videotape from a rape and child molestation case to legislators and journalists, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. U.S. Attorney David Nahmias said the law prohibits the distribution of the Genarlow Wilson videotape because it depicts minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct. He warned that people who had received it would be in violation of federal child pornography laws

McDade told the Associated Press that he was required to release the tape under the state’s Open Records Act because it was introduced as evidence at the trial. Nahmias said federal law trumps any contrary requirement of the open records law. Nahmias advised those who possessed the tape to destroy or return it. State Sen. Emanuel Jones called the videotape child pornography and called it “an absolute, utter disgrace” that a videotape of a raunchy party in a hotel room that led to the conviction of Wilson on aggravated child molestation charges was given to reporters and legislators.


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