“Robocops” More Popular Among Bomb Squads, SWAT Teams


Real-life “robocops” are becoming a popular new crime-fighting tool at law enforcement agencies, doing dangerous work that can save cops’ lives, ABC News reports. Although they may not be so lifelike as the Hollywood version, robots are being used increasingly by bomb squads and SWAT teams. “I can always replace a robot. I can’t replace one of my guys,” said Tucson Police Department bomb squad Commander Ardan Devine.

The Tucson Police Department bought its first robot from the FBI in 1992. The robot was made by a subsidiary of Northrop Grumman Corp. Today, Tucson has three robots. Robots are equipped with cameras that feed back to officials on the scene so they can remotely assess the severity of a situation. Remotec’s robots can also climb stairs and pick up objects and put them into safe containers.

Link: http://abcnews.go.com/TheLaw/story?id=3361583&page=1

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