Risk-based ME Index of Sex Offenders is in Works


Maine lawmakers will not begin their new session for months, the Portland Press Herald reports, but they already are preparing to reform Maine’s sex-offender registry next year to focus on dangerous criminals who continue to pose a significant threat. At present, all convicted sex offenders who register with the state appear in the registry, regardless of the severity and frequency of their crimes or the likelihood that they will re-offend.

The changes stem in part from the passage of a federal law last year that would bar states from receiving federal funds unless they have a multi-tiered system that separates dangerous offenders from other, less dangerous criminals, the Press Herald says. State lawmakers say another reason for the change is that by including all registered sex offenders in the registry, the current system gives users no guidance on which offenders they should be concerned about.

Link: http://pressherald.mainetoday.com/story.php?id=119621&ac=PHnws

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