RI Will Not Ship Inmates Out of State


Although Rhode Island lawmakers have expressed concern about relieving prison crowding and the state does have 57 of its roughly 3,817 inmates serving time in other states for security reasons, it is unlikely that there will be a move to transfer inmates to privately run prisons elsewhere, the Providence Journal says.

The reason is the state’s philosophical opposition to moving inmates away from their families and lawyers for the purpose of saving money. “One of the best incentives to rehabilitation is through [inmate] reunification with their families,” Ellen Alexander, the state’s assistant corrections director, told the Journal. “We have one of the most liberal visitation policies in the country because we believe maintaining ties with families is important.”

Link: http://www.projo.com/news/content/prison_transfers_08_07-08-07_5I69H9D.31e80ee.html

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