Critic Cites Taser Use On Jailed Inmates In Atlanta


A Fulton County sheriff’s deputy in Atlanta frequently used her Taser on jailed inmates, including once when she shocked a prisoner twice within moments, the second time while he was sitting with his hands cuffed behind him, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Neither those incidents nor similar uses of force were reviewed by the jail’s Use of Force Review Board or reported to inmates’ lawyers who sued the jail over bad conditions. Sheriff Myron Freeman said none of 254 Taser cases was reviewed because they did not involve serious injury to the inmate.

“Surely, being shot with a Taser is ‘serious injury,’ ” attorney Stephen Bright of the Southern Center for Human Rights, said in a court filing. He argued that the shock can cause cardiac arrest. The center sued the sheriff three years ago over dirty and dangerous conditions, and the jail has been operating under a federal consent order for 17 months. The order caps the inmate population, sets minimum staffing levels. and requires periodic reports on progress and failures. Bright said Tasers are relevant to the order because Tasers and pepper spray are used to control inmates when not enough staff are working in cellblocks.


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