IN Officers Train To Respond To Virginia Tech-Like Shooting


A training exercise Saturday started with the chilling words of the police radio dispatcher: Incomplete report of shots fired on the campus of the University of Indianapolis. The Indianapolis Star says police learned how to avoid stress while searching for a shooter and how to keep team members safe. One a team member walking backward, to make sure the suspect didn’t attack them from behind, fell over a leg of a student “victim.”

The model followed Saturday sent an initial team after the shooter, while other police officers quickly locked down other campus buildings. Most of the 30 officers taking part were deputies who work in public places such as hospitals and schools. After it was over, the officers were evaluated. One instructor pointed out that they’d lost sight of the building at one point as they approached it behind a wall. One officer, wanting to disable the shooter, got in front of another officer’s gun when the shooting started. “It’s nerve-racking,” said a member of a school police force. “It’s like watching a scary movie at home. You never know when someone is going to jump out at you.”


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