Miami Cops Skip Private Party Security, Two Killed


A day after Miami police defended itself for not sending off-duty officers to work security detail at a high school graduation party where two young people were killed, Mayor Manny Diaz said the department is incapable of providing officers at every private event, the Miami Herald reports. ”As a parent, I have an obligation for the safety of my children and the people that I invite to a party that I’m hosting,” Diaz said. ”And you have to make every effort to, if you can’t get cops, figure something else out, or limit the number of people that go into your party or something.”

While planning a graduation party for her daughter at a club, Diane Thomas signed a contract with the Miami police department for four off-duty officers to work security. The officers never showed up Saturday night and the department never notified her or the club that the detail had been canceled. When four intruders arrived, trying to rob the party-goers, there was no security. Gunfire erupted, killing two boys, 20 and 16. Miami police said Thomas was told she had to check with the department 24 hours before the event to make sure officers were available. Thomas’ attorney said his client was never told to call back to verify the officers would be there, but was simply promised the officers.


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