Chicago’s Daley Decries Apathy On Gun Violence


Citing a toll of 30,000 fatal and non-fatal gun violence victims in the U.S. each year, Chicago Mayor Richard Daley says, “If 30,000 people were killed in Iraq, there would be demonstrators downtown,” he said. “There would be people shouting and screaming, ‘End it! End it! End it!’ You wonder where are all these well-educated people in regard to this issue. Why are they silent on the issue?”

Gun victims who are disabled are “nameless faces,” the mayor said. “We don’t know them. They go unrecognized. They are in wheelchairs. They are in retirement homes at the age of 18 because they can’t move because of a bullet in their spine or in their head.” The mayor called on parents to be vigilant this summer. Police this year have cited more than 11,000 curfew violators, said First Deputy Police Superintendent Dana Starks. For all of 2006, the total was just less than 13,000. “No child should be out after 10:30 p.m. on weekdays and 11:30 p.m. on weekends,” Starks said. “Last year, 78 percent of all [city] murders occurred outdoors,” and murder victims included seven youngsters between 10 and 16 killed after curfew hours. In all, 783 juveniles in the city were shot last year, 25 of them fatally.


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