Only Light Discipline For NY Cop With Most Complaints


New York police Sgt. Carlos Fabara, 31, racked up more civilian complaints than any other cop last year but he has yet to face anything more severe than a letter of reprimand and several lost vacation days, reports the New York Daily News. Thirteen complaints were filed against Fabara; only about 10 percent of the city’s cops get a single complaint over the course of a year. The sergeant is a decorated cop credited with 123 arrests as an officer and another 185 as an anti-crime sergeant. He has been repeatedly flagged for alleged stop-and-frisk violations and search abuses.

Last August, the police department placed Fabara, a divorced cop with nearly nine years on the job, under “force monitoring” – a program that requires his supervisors to examine his conduct. They have found him to be a tough, yet professional, cop, sources said. “Active cops are what made the city safer,” said a officer who worked with Fabara. Civil rights advocates have criticized the police department for searching more than a half-million people last year, saying the tactics amount to harassment and racial profiling. The News found that 78 percent of the people stopped by cops assigned to precincts were black or Hispanic.


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