Kelly: NYC School Crime Dropped After Police Began Patrols


Crime in New York City’s public schools has dropped by one third since the police department began patrolling the hallways, reports the New York Daily News. It’s a clear sign that the police are doing something right, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly says. “Frustrated, perhaps, by an era of post-9/11 goodwill toward the police, some of the usual critics have come back with a vengeance recently to smear the NYPD with unfounded charges of racism and unconstitutional overreaching in keeping New York City safe,” Kelly wrote in the newspaper.

He dismissed a report by the New York Civil Liberties Union – “Criminalizing the Classroom” – as “uncorroborated” student complaints. Kelly says the group solicited the accounts by offering a $1,000 prize for student essays. NYCLU Executive Director Donna Lieberman responded: “Rather than respond to the serious and well-documented concerns raised in the report, the NYPD chose to attack the NYCLU. Not a single story in that report was, as Kelly suggested, paid for. It is a pattern of over-policing and treating students as criminals.”


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