High Assault Rate On Cops: A Growing Lack Of Respect?


There aren't too many jobs where you go to work knowing you might be killed, beaten up, stabbed, shot at, or seriously injured before lunch. Being a police officer is one of them, says the Danville (Va.) Register & Bee. Of the 485,048 sworn officers serving across the country in 2005, 57,546 were assaulted while performing their duties, one-third sustaining injuries in the assault, say FBI figures.

“Police officers don't get the respect they used to and people aren't afraid of them anymore,” said Danville Police Lt. John Henderson. “I think it's because of a mindset that comes up now. Video games and music popularize shooting cops and parents scare their kids, telling them 'If you don't behave, the police are going to get you.' ” Alvin Cooper, 51, a black male who says he was illegally searched, detained, and arrested last summer, says police officers are the ones that are “out of control” and are violating citizen's rights by “routinely conducting illegal searches.”

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