Guardian Angels Patrol Orlando Tourist Area


The red berets of the Guardian Angels are helping patrol Orlando’s tourist strip because of recent crimes, says the Orlando Sentinel. On Wednesday, two sheriff’s deputies were shot as they interrupted a car burglary by three men outside a resort. After other nearby robberies last month, the Angels got calls from a few tourist-business workers and owners seeking their help. “We’re trying to patrol the area and trying not to scare the tourists,” said an Angels leader. “It’s in the news. You can’t hide behind Mickey Mouse.”

The group’s national president, Curtis Sliwa, said it was responding to a plea from Orange County Sheriff Kevin Beary for more help in combating crime. A sheriff’s spokesman said the office had not requested help from the Angels but had asked that the public be more vigilant in fighting crime countywide. The spokesman said the crime problem in the area in no way mirrors the violence and murders taking place in more impoverished or urban areas around the county or the nation.


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