With Baltimore Murder Toll High, 280 Were Shot And Survived


Keonya Christian-Cannon, 14, of Baltimore was hospitalized for more than a month for injuries suffered when a stray bullet struck her as she walked across the street from a park near her home, says the Baltimore Sun. The bullet tore into her abdomen, just below her rib cage. She is one of at least 280 people – 50 of them juveniles – who have been shot, but not killed, in the city this year. She is a painful example of the many who survive, virtually unnoticed by a city struggling with a surging homicide toll. Asked how she felt about returning to her neighborhood last week, she said: “I feel it’s still safe, but not the way it used to be.”

The shooting of Keonya on April 20 stood out because of the acts of a stranger. Angel Burrell saw her in agony and helped put pressure on the wound. It was an unusual act in a city where few people want to get involved. Dr. James Haan, who operated on Keonya, said he has been busier this year treating gunshot victims. His hospital has visiting doctors from Canada, who are stunned at the level of gun-related violence in Baltimore. “We have people rotating from Montreal, and they’re just floored,” he said. “They hardly see any shooting victims working in Montreal. They don’t understand this. This is just a continuous disaster, and we’re doing this to ourselves. I don’t understand this.”

Link: http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/local/baltimore_city/bal-md.ci.cannon27may27,0,6077941.story

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