Grand Jury: Replace Deplorable CA Women’s Jail


Sheriff’s officials in Santee, Ca., east of San Diego, welcomed a strongly worded grand jury report calling for the replacement of the county’s all-female jail, reports the San Diego Union-Tribune. Building a new Las Colinas Detention Facility is a high priority for the Sheriff’s Department, and the county grand jury report released yesterday could help further that goal, said Undersheriff Bill Gore. The report describes the facility as severely overcrowded and operating under deplorable conditions, including a floor that is caving in and rotting wood framework.

The report said the 1960s-era facility must be replaced, a process that could take up to five years. Building a 1,216-bed replacement facility is expected to cost roughly $200 million. Of that, the county has allocated $1.6 million. County officials hope some of the $1.2 billion in revenue bonds authorized by the state this month for local jail construction will trickle their way. The grand jury felt so strongly it titled its report, “Replace Las Colinas Now!!”


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