How Rich Dallas Student Ran With Drug Crowd, Died


The Dallas Morning News tells the tale of Meaghan Bosch, a 21-year-old student from a rich family whose decomposing body was discovered last week in the bottom of a portable toilet in a small town about two hours south of Dallas. Police believe she died of a drug overdose. Her mother found on her bed a coiled dollar bill, commonly used to snort cocaine. Six days later, Meagan Bosch disappeared after meeting with a convicted murderer and suspected drug dealer, 46-year-old James McDaniel. In 1979, McDaniel was convicted in the shooting death of a Dallas police officer; he served 22 years in prison and was paroled in 2001.

Police say it appears Bosch had been running with a dangerous crowd for months. “The people in that life [drugs] are professional predators,” said Texas Ranger Capt. Richard Sweaney, who is supervising the Bosch investigation. “You think you can outthink them or keep them at bay, but that’s how they’ve operated all their life. What happens is that you find out you’re a minor leaguer in a major league. It comes down to vulnerability.” Money and moxie offer no protection from an underworld of drugs, he said.


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