Chandra Levy’s Mom Meets D.C. Chief On Never-Solved Case


Five years after Capitol Hill intern Chandra Levy’s remains were found in Washington, D.C., her mother still is meeting wit police officials to discuss the never-solved case. Susan Levy got a hug yesterday from new Washington Police Chief Cathy Lanier, but apparently no indication that a break in the case was near. The Washington Post says the two women spent 90 minutes talking about the case and about their lives as women and mothers. Chandra Levy was 24 when she disappeared May, 1, 2001. Lanier has a son who is 24.

Levy, of Modesto, Ca., came to Washington in the days after her daughter’s disappearance, trying to keep pressure on police to find the missing federal intern. The case got round-the-clock attention from cable networks amid revelations that Levy was having an affair with her hometown congressman, Gary Condit (D-Ca.). Police said Condit, who lost a bid for reelection, is not a suspect. Authorities think that Levy was killed in Washington’s Rock Creek Park and possibly was sexually assaulted. That theory has yielded no breaks in the case. Levy is worried that the retirement of Brad Garrett, the FBI’s lead investigator on the case, will stall the probe.


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