FL Police Stage Crimes To See If Anyone Notices


The cops became the criminals in Kissimmee, FL., the other day, and hoped someone would notice, reports the Orlando Sentinel. Capt. James Napier of the Kissimmee Police Department slithered into a house through a window, then acted as if he were trying to break into cars in a busy parking lot. The goal was to create burglaries so obvious that unsuspecting citizens would call 911 to alert police. Instead of assessing whether someone looks like a criminal, Napier said, citizens should ask, “Is it normal for someone to enter a home through a window in the side of the house?”

Undercover officers in unmarked vehicles monitored Napier, who was wired with a microphone and carried his badge. He was instructed to run if an uncontrolled situation erupted. One critic said it was unwise to expose the public to potential danger with such a stunt. George Crossley of the American Civil Liberties Union said “the whole idea is fraught with danger. All it would’ve taken was one guy [who] sees what’s coming down and tries to save the situation.” The house-burglary scenario was considered a success when a neighbor across the street called 911 after spotting Napier moving electronic equipment from the house to his black sport utility vehicle in the driveway. The second scenario was repeated three times. Napier approached an auto and jimmied open the passenger door. Rather than thinking he was a crook, some passers-by bought his story that he was locked out of his car. The results were eye-opening for a police official, who spent a month planning “Operation Citizen Watch.”

Link: http://www.orlandosentinel.com/orl-crimewatch1907may19,0,4025111.story

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