Costly No-Bail Law For AZ Alien Suspects Is Challenged


An Arizona law approved by 78 percent of voters in November essentially denies bail to suspected illegal immigrants who’ve probably committed serious crimes, says the Christian Science Monitor. Known as Proposition 100, it is intended to make sure those suspects face criminal charges rather than slipping across the southern border to avoid prosecution or getting deported by federal officials.

An appeals will review the law today. There are at least 95 people being held under it, and more are on the way. Opponents say Arizona is depriving individuals – mainly Latinos – of basic constitutional rights, including due process and equal protection under the law. They also charge that the state law conflicts with US immigration law. The new Arizona law “is creating a financial burden by various entities involved – the county attorney’s office, indigent defense agencies, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials, and law-enforcement agencies,” says Tim Ryan, associate presiding criminal judge in Phoenix’ Maricopa County.


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