Firearms Charges Filed In Salt Lake Mall Massacre


Federal firearms charges have been filed against three people for helping a Bosnia-Herzegovina refugee obtain guns used to kill five people at a Salt Lake City shopping mall in February, reports the Salt Lake Tribune. A gun used by a father and son for target practice ended up as a murder weapon. It apparently made its way to the 18-year-old shooter as part of a drug deal. “If these individuals had followed federal firearms laws, Sulejman Talovic would not have had these firearms to use in the tragedy that unfolded at Trolley Square,” said U.S. Attorney Brett Tolman.

Authorities said a shotgun with a pistol grip was illegally sold to Talovic, who was under age and did not provide required identification for a resident alien. In the shooting rampage, five bystanders were killed and four were wounded. Talovic was killed in a gun battle with five police officers.


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