Marketing, Recruiting Yields Boston Cop Applicant Surge


An unprecedented advertising blitz and last-minute face-to-face persuasion produced a surge in the number of potential Boston police recruits, says the Boston Globe. Now, the department can be more selective as it tries to diversify the ranks and overcome a series of corruption cases. Of the 2,553 applicants who signed up to take the May 19 civil service exam, 735 are black and 386 are Hispanic.

Commissioner Edward Davis said it is critical to attract the best candidates and thoroughly scrutinize their backgrounds. “We were able to present the BPD as an organization that values diversity and community outreach,” Davis told the Globe. “That was the intent of the campaign, and it was very helpful to us as we attracted new candidates. This bodes very well for the city in the future.” As of late last month, there were 2,140 uniformed officers. The department plans to add 70 officers transferred from other departments, and 140 from police academy classes who will graduate May 24 and later this year. In February, the department launched a snazzy $100,000 marketing campaign, featuring ads that pictured 11 officers working with youths, taking crime-scene photos, and performing other duties.


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