Blind Man Contends MN Should Issue Him A Gun Permit


A North Dakota man who calls himself “America’s first sightless gunslinger” says he is a victim of discrimination because Minnesota won’t give a blind man a permit to carry a gun in public, reports the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Carey McWilliams, 33, of Fargo says he carries one anyway when he crosses the state line because his Utah permit is accepted in Minnesota. He said any use he would make of his gun would be a response to an assault and wouldn’t put anyone other than his attacker in jeopardy. “It would be self-defense, at point-blank range, with ammo that doesn’t go any further than the assailant,” McWilliams said yesterday.

Clay County, Mn., Sheriff Bill Bergquist said he didn’t feel he had a choice but to deny the permit application. “I had to sign something saying he could ‘safely’ whatever, and I felt I couldn’t say that of someone who’s legally blind,” Bergquist said. “The shooting he’s done in the past was with the help of someone. When confronted, he won’t have that help.”


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