Some Schools Go High Tech To Check Violence Threats


At a New Jersey high school last month, a teenage girl, trying to disguise her voice to sound like a boy, left a message on the principal’s voicemail saying she would “shoot up the school” over a problem with a girlfriend. While students sat in their homerooms for three hours, township police logged on to a Web site to view activity in the halls, stair wells, and corridors from the night before to see if anyone had planted anything in the building, the Newark Star-Ledger reports.

The new technology, installed a few weeks before the incident, coupled with student backpack checks, helped school administrators conclude the threat was a hoax. Authorities arrested a 15-year-old girl and charged her with making a false public claim. The Internet-linked surveillance technology is one of the latest devices school districts and police departments are using to keep schools safe. The system used in North Brunswick, N.J., allows officers to view school security cameras by remote, both at police headquarters and on laptops in patrol cars. While the technology is proving helpful, most school districts can only dream of a modern security system like the one in this Middlesex County district.


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