CT May Drop More Teen Sex From Sex Offender Category


In Connecticut and some other jurisdictions, people convicted on statutory rape charges can be classfied as sex offenders. The Hartford Courant describes the case of an man, then 18, who was convicted of having sex with his 15-year-old former girlfriend, who told investigators she was a willing partner. Because the girl was younger than 16 – the age of consent in Connecticut – and he was more than two years older than she was, he was charged with a sex crime.

A bill that would increase the allowable age gap between sexually active teens from two to four years is on its way to the Senate floor. Said state Rep. Michael Lawlor: “We’re not saying it’s good, we’re just saying it shouldn’t be a serious offense.” Between 1999 and February 2007 in Connecticut, teens over 16 were convicted of 195 counts of the specific subsection of the second-degree sexual assault statute that addresses teen sex. The average sentence for each conviction was slightly less than two years spent behind bars.


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