Milwaukee School Violence Up, Including Elementary Classes


Violence in Milwaukee Public Schools has intensified, and calls to police have become daily occurrences in some schools, says the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Dozens of teachers, administrators, and staff are getting attacked. In the first semester of this school year, at least 127 employees reported being physically assaulted by students or outsiders coming to campus. Elementary school teachers are falling victim to physical or verbal assaults nearly as much as those in high schools. Nearly half the teachers assaulted this year work at elementary or K-8 schools.

Far more Milwaukee students were expelled for bringing firearms to school last year than in all of the Chicago Public Schools, a district more than four times the size. In Chicago, unlike Milwaukee, high school students walk through weapons scanners daily, and handguns have virtually disappeared from the schools. The number of students expelled and suspended for drugs, violence, and weapons has nearly doubled in the past five years, and many are transferred to other schools. Expulsions have tripled in 15 years. Safety costs have increased as some schools cutting their last music teachers or librarians. The district is spending $10 million on security this year, up about $1 million from last year.


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