Carjackings Double In Indianapolis Area


Reported carjackings in Indianapolis and surrounding Marion County have more than doubled so far this year compared with the same period in 2006, with nearly 100 reported through April, says the Indianapolis Star. Local police are consulting federal authorities on possible solutions. Police Chief Michael Spears said an array of societal problems — including deficiencies in education, employment, and social skills — are contributing to the spike in carjackings, homicides, and other violent crimes.

Motorists reported attacks in retailers’ parking lots, at intersections while waiting for a traffic light to change, and even by men who helped a car stuck in the snow. Carjackers may be using (the stolen cars) in a subsequent robbery and dumping them, but they are not hanging on to them very long, said one officer. Carjacking victims say the crime is terrifying because of its sudden and violent nature. Images of loved ones flashed through John Hammond’s mind when two carjackers climbed into his pickup last week and threatened to kill the 6-foot-1-inch man. “I don’t care how big you are, when someone comes up and sticks a gun in your face, you aren’t Superman,” said Hammond, 39. “The first thing I thought of was my grandson and my daughter. I thought, man, I’ll never get to see them again.”


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