Why Jury Convicted VA Pain Doctor Of Drug Trafficking


Federal jurors in Alexandria, Va., offered some insight to the New York Times about why they found Dr. William Hurwitz guilty on 16 counts of drug trafficking last week. Hurwitz, whose legal battles over his opioid prescriptions made him a hero to some chronic-pain patients, was not convicted on the other 29 counts against him.

One juror told the Times’s John Tierney: “In many of these cases, it was not necessarily the fact that he knew they were selling their medications, but that he knew they were abusing them.” The juror noted that “some of his patients had a number of ‘red flags,’ i.e, they had been arrested for drug trafficking, had 3 or 4 positive cocaine tests in a row, or had called in for several early refills in a short period of time.” Another juror said bringing such cases as civil malpractice suits might be better than filing a criminal case; the juror could not understand appropriateness of criminal charges.

Link: http://tierneylab.blogs.nytimes.com/2007/05/02/the-hurwitz-jurors-explain-further/

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