Sex Offender License Plates Considered In Three States


Legislators in three states want to require convicted sex offenders to display special license plates on their cars, says USA Today. Proponents in Wisconsin, Ohio, and Alabama say the plates would be another tool to keep the public safe. Critics say the plates would lead to a false sense of security and unintended consequences. “For too long child sex predators have been watching our children,” said Rep. Joel Kleefisch, a Wisconsin Republican. “It’s time we have an opportunity to watch them back.” The Wisconsin plate would be chartreuse-green; Ohio’s would be fluorescent green.

A committee approved the Wisconsin bill 8-3 last week. Hearings have been held in Ohio, where Gov. Ted Strickland, a Democrat, has said he would sign the bill if it makes it to his desk. The Alabama bill was recently introduced. A Wisconsin sex offender called the idea ridiculous, saying, “There are people like me (for) who it was an isolated incident, and we are trying to move on and live a normal life, and we can’t.”


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