Milwaukee Schools Drop Idea Of Handcuffing Students


A new school board in Milwaukee has voted, 5 to 4, to repeal a two-week-old policy to allow handcuffs to be used on out-of-control students, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports. The board decided to create a task force on safety and violence.

The handcuff policy has provoked debate in recent weeks, with many school officials saying it would be a tool that school safety aides need to deal with increased violence. Opponents, largely from African-American organizations, said it would make things worse. A newly elected board president said no school systems in the U.S. allow safety workers who are not police officers to use handcuffs. A letter to the board from nine state legislators said that, “The use of flexicuffs to restrain students adds a criminal stigma to what may in most cases be an emotional loss of control.”


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