Charlotte’s “Speedy” Trial For Cop Killer Suspect: 1 1/2 Years


Charlotte prosecutors are planning to try Demeatrius Antonio Montgomery quickly on charges of killing two police officers, but in Charlotte that means a trial 1 and 1/2 years from now, says the Charlotte Observer. In Charlotte’s Mecklenburg County, it’s not unusual for it to take two years — even longer — for murder cases to come to trial. Montgomery, 25, is charged with killing two officers who were responding to a domestic-disturbance call.

A man accused in 1993 of killing two Charlotte police officers was charged, tried, and sentenced to death in less than a year. Experts across the country say it is not unusual for a metropolitan police department to investigate the slaying of its own officers, as is the case in Charlotte. Small departments sometimes ask state police or another outside agency to help when an officer is slain. Andrew Scott, a retired police chief in Boca Raton, Fl., who now works as a consultant, said departments with experienced homicide detectives generally handle the cases themselves. Police in Los Angeles, New York, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Washington, investigate when an officer is killed, said Charles Key, a consultant and retired Baltimore police officer.


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